Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pin 25–rubber band painting squeegee

So I do the painting in our house.  My husband is amazing and really getting the hang of all the DIY homeowner stuff, but painting is just not something he likes to do.  In fact, his patience for it is so bad that he’s rubber band on paint canannoyed before he even starts.  I actually like painting.  I think it’s the type a in me… and it’s an excuse to be in a quiet room without our toddler running around like a maniac!  Anyways, our new home project is redoing our extra bedroom which requires lots of painting.  So this is the first of a slew of the supposed painting tip pins.  First up, this one – using a rubber band on a paint can as a brush squeegee sorta thing.  The thought being to avoid using the side of the can so you don’t end up with annoying dry paint glops that settle into your paint then end up on the wall. 

rubber band on paint can

So first thing first, get the rubber band on the can.  Sounds easy right?  I’m sure it is if you have another set of hands.  It took me a few minutes but I finally managed to get it on the can without spilling paint.  Triumph!  Then I realized I had to stir the paint which required taking the rubber band off then stirring and then putting it back on.  So after all that effort I had an elastic on the paint can.

I started painting, using the elastic to take off excess paint and it worked fine.  I can’t say it worked any better than using the side of the can but itrubber band on paint can after wasn’t leaving a semi-dried painty mess either.  So I did all my brushwork and tried to remove paint from the band which only sorta worked.  I had to remove the band.  Getting it on was tricky enough but now it had wet paint on it.  I tried my best to remove it without making a mess but despite all my efforts….

elastic splattered paint on floor


Wet goopy paint all over my floor.  In my ever unprepared way, I lacked paper towels at hand but I found yet another thing that baby wipes clean superbly. :)

Bottom line – don’t bother

From what I can tell there weren’t any benefits that out weighed the hassle and aggravation.  I just got saddled with an extra step and a mess to clean!  Don’t do it!

‘Til next time with more painting pin busting!



  1. if you have trim work i was wondering if the gallon milk jug for trim paint hack works. hehe.

    1. coming next week actually :) stay tuned!

  2. keep them coming - i'm painting my whole place in the next couple of weeks!