Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pin 30–trim roller to avoid paint lines

Another week of paint pins!  Woohooo!

Kidding – I don’t expect anyone to be this excited :)

So THIS PIN suggests trimming the edge of the roller to avoid that tendency for rollers to leave a goupy line on the wall that you have to spread out.  Seems reasonable right?

trim paint roller

So I trimmed my roller on both ends with regular scissors.  Do it over the trash as the loose fuzz can fly away easy.  Then I painted as usual.  This is what I got.

paint lines on wallpaint lines on wall

Yeah that’s right the line still showed up.  Now in fairness it wasn’t as often and really only when the roller was full of paint or I pressed a bit harder, but it still showed up.

Bottom line – not worth it

It really didn’t have enough of an effect to make me want to do it again.  It was just another step added before getting to paint.    On the other hand if you do enough painting that you wash and reuse high quality rollers, it might help to cut of that same area if there is some crusty paint that won’t come off.  And that’s pretty much all I have to say about it :)

More to come on Thursday!



  1. awsome! you're touching on all of the painting pins. i really love how organized and to-the-point your posts are. you show pictures to prove you're not just theorizing and you've got real advice. in a sea of home blogs i love love love this blog. please keep it up!

    1. jasi - thank you so much! your little love note just made my day!! as long as people keep reading I'll keep posting so share with your friends :)

  2. I haven't been commenting much (bad blog reader) but I have been following and I LOVE the series of paint related pins! I always wondered about the rubber band around the can one especially, so I'm glad you busted it!