Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pin 27– plastic milk jug paint cup

milk jug paint holder

Yay for more paint pins!  This pin seemed liked a great idea, mostly because we go through gallons of milk around here as fast as we breathe air so I always have plastic milk jugs in the recycling bin.  But also because holding a paint can makes your hand cramp fast and putting it on some sort of stand is fine until you need to move it a few feet every couple of minutes.  I know they have a slew of commercial/retail paint cup types of things but I just don’t want to spend money on them and I definitely don’t want to clean it.  I have used plastic cups before and that worked ok, easier on the hand, light, and best of all disposable.  This looked like an upgrade given that it had a handle! 

So I actually did this twice, but only took pictures the second time.  I just took my best utility type scissors and starting cutting.  The first time I got excited and cut out quite a big section.  The second time I was a bit more conservative.  Let me just say, best to leave the bottom “cup” part deep with a bit of a lip in that forward facing corner to prevent spills.  I want to stress this because what will inevitably happen is this.  You’re on the stepladder and concentrating really hard on cutting in near the ceiling and your other hand gets lazy, no longer holds it level, and paint spills onto your floor.  If you are at all like me it will happen.  I promise.milk jug paint cup filled with paint

Anyways, the picture above is my recommended cut out shape.  Don’t cut too close to the handle either because it will make the bottom more likely to bend forwards.  My favorite thing about this pin (other than not having to worry about cleaning it!) is that there is a place to put your paint brush when you need to put it down to say, step down the ladder or use your finger to snatch lint or whatever out of the wet paint on the wall. 

Bottom line – LOVE it!

It’s free, fast, light, easy and disposable!! Those are seriously the best words ever, especially when talking about painting supplies.  Definitely try this one.  I would imagine a smaller milk jug might be better for smaller jobs but regardless it will work.  Try it!

more paint pins to come this week!



  1. So glad this pin worked. I've been putting off some touch-ups around the house. Thanks for testing!

  2. Thank you for sharing this one! :) I will be painting in the very near future and I dont like holding the heavy paint can. This will be so much nicer!