Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pin 26–damp brush to prevent soaked brush

The painting continues!  This pin was immediately attractive because I HATE how the whole brush gets completely saturated and you end up used but clean dry brushwasting paint because you can’t wipe the side of the brush enough and there is dry paint globs mixing with the fresh paint…. UGH!  Whatever.  It was also appealing because it would mean being able to use the same brush sooner and not having to wait until it was completely dry.  So I have a favorite paint brush, if that makes me weird so be it! :) I had really high hops for this one (it is sourced from Home Depot after all) but a few concerns too.  Would it water down the paint?  That would not be good for even coverage.  Would it prevent enough paint from being on the brush?  That would just be annoying.  Maybe it just might work; that would be awesome.

So I wet the brush in the sink and then squeezed out as much water as I could, which was a challenge.  And I took a paper towel to it too.  It seemed damp but certainly not dripping wet.  So I got painting (cutting in on my ceiling – worst part of painting ever!).  This is what the brush looked like after a few minutes.

some paint on brush

And this is the status a few more minutes later…

totally saturated brushwatery paint dripping on hand

YUCK!  As I had feared, the water in the brush just  diluted the paint as it seeped up it and then starting dripping all over my hand.  And there was paint saturated all through the bristles anyways.  Blech.  So I had to get some paper towels to keep handy to periodically squeeze and wipe the brush so my whole arm wasn’t white.

Bottom line – NEVER DO IT!

It may be that since I was doing the ceiling gravity had a particular hand it busting this pin but I would think it would happen eventually if you were doing a wall.  And it’s possible that the water might dilute your paint which would be super sucky if you were doing a nice deep saturated color.  So my final word on the subject is don’t do it and just suck it up that you’re wasting paint that sucks into your brush.  Chalk it up to collateral damage or something….

More painting pins next week!  A couple good ones too!


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