Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pin 21 - make-up brush cleaner

IMG_8282So as a first for Pin Busting, I’m putting 2 pins head-to-head.  Both claim to be the best ways to clean your make-up brushes and they are super similar actually.  

The first one says to mix 1 cup hot water with 1 T vinegar then soak the brush for 20 minutes.  You then rinse with cold water and pat dry.  The second is the same except for adding 1 T of Dawn to the mix.  Vinegar has those magical natural anti-bacterial qualities to it so that made sense to me.  The addition of Dawn I would think would be to help cut through grease etc.  SO after seeing them both pop up a lot I figured I ‘d compare.

I followed the directions exactly for each, putting my all over powder brush in the vinegar/water solution and my blush brush in the +Dawn solution.  I waited 20 minutes, then smooshed them around a bit and these were the results.



I was shocked to see so much more makeup in the +Dawn solution!  I thought, maybe it’s just because it’s from the pink blush versus just the sheer skin tone from the face powder, so I re-soaked the face powder brush in a new +Dawn solution for another 20 minutes and this was the result.


Winner!  Clearly the +Dawn solution is better at removing all the makeup.  Look at all that nastiness that didn’t get cleaned out the first time!!  BLAH! 

Bottom line – DO IT!

Super cheap and easy and clearly effective at getting the gross out of your brushes.  And BONUS they smell great for a while after too!  My only complaint is that they take so long to dry (mine took at least 24 hours) so you almost need to remember to do it immediately following applying your makeup so they are good for the next day.  But that has nothing to do with the cleaning solution.  I used to just use a foaming antibacterial soap and it was the same drying time.  Anyways, WINNER +Dawn solution!


Enjoy your clean and soft brushes!



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