Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pin 17 sugar hand scrub

Hello again!  It’s been a little while since I’ve posted and I have good reasons why… mostly technical difficulties but I won’t bore you with details.  The good news is that I’m back so let’s get rockin’.

I’ve been struggling with super dry hands this winter….  before dawnsugar scrub 1before dawnsugar scrub 2


and was thrilled when I came across this pin that promised an end result like Mary Kay Satin Hands.  I have used that product in the past and loved it so I knew what to compare to.  When you actually follow the link the original blogger Jille does not make this comparison at all, she actually calls it a gardener’s scrub.  Either way, the mix is approximately equal parts sugar and Dawn with Olay Hand Renewal dish soap but adjusting as needed to make it a thinner paste  as opposed to a liquid soap or complete paste consistency.

I didn’t want to make a big tub of it in case I wasn’t thrilled so I basically poured a little puddle of soap into a small dish then added sugar until it seemed right. 


I wet my hands a bit and scrubbed away.  Seriously I didn’t want to cut it short so I must have spent 5 minutes meticulously scrubbing my hands, especially my knuckles, lower side thumb area and cuticles.  Once satisfied I rinsed well, dried and put on my fav hand lotion (OPI AVOjuice in case you are curious – it’s fab).  I don’t know where I learned it but I’m pretty sure you should always moisturize after exfoliating.  Anyways, immediately following the lotion my hands felt great, soft and smooth and seemingly with less dry flaking skin hanging around.  And they smelled great – from both the soap and my lotion.  Success!

after dawn.sugar scrub 3after dawn.sugar scrub1

Or at least I thought so.  Less than 15 minutes later I needed more hand lotion and noticed the same areas with dry flaky skin coming back, improved but still there.  BOOOOO.

after after

Bottom Line – better as a gardener’s scrub

Had my hands been filthy from gardening or cleaning out the basement (random you might think but we just accomplished this woohoo!) this would’ve been a great improvement from regular hand soap and an awesome alternative to the “MAN” hands cleaning products that leave your hands smelling super weird for the rest of the day.  But is this combo worthy of comparison to the Satin Hands line?  I don’t think so at all.  Original blogger, score for great cleaning method, some random pinner along the way just sensationalized a bit too much!!

Stay clean my friends :)



  1. I've always heard to use oil like olive oil, rub it in then pour on some sugar and scrub. Then rinse/wash and put on lotion. Has worked for me before (and I need to do it again!). :) Maybe the Dawn is for gardeners to clean the dirt away?

    1. that sounds like it would be a bit more moisturizing... I'll have ot try - thanks for the tip :)