Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pin 18– baby oil to make your razor last longer

IMG_8266Like most women, or adults I suppose, I use a razor with replaceable blade cartridges that cost a small fortune. I’ve tried downgrading to various disposable brands and haven’t found any that feel as nice so I just suck it up. But when I saw this pin claiming to make these beauties last longer I was all over it.

So I poured a whole lot of baby oil on my razor when I started with a new blade. I tried shaving one leg with my regular shaving gel and the other with just the baby oil. I’m sorry to say that I will not be able to tell you whether or not this actually makes the blade last longer because I hated it so much. It felt like I was using a old razor, or at least a cheap one both ways. I was so pissed about it for 3 reasons. First, can’t follow through on the true busting of the pin since it felt so crappy. Second, It felt so crappy. and third, I wasted the brand new razor feeling!! The next time I used my razor, sans baby oil, it felt way older than it is and now I’m stuck with it for a bit because it was my last one in the pack and I’m just not ready to shell out my coveted dollars for new ones just yet.

Bottom line – waste of my time and a new razor :(

Maybe you won’t notice the difference. Or if you do notice maybe you won’t care and will find out if it actually lasts longer contrary to how it feels. I wish you luck either way and will say a little prayer you don’t end up with in grown hairs or razor burn :) But definitely come back to let us know if you’re tougher than me!

My apologies for not coming through on this one but I guess when it comes down to it I’m a bit of a wuss here…

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  1. I've wondered about this! Thanks for taking the time. Sorry you had a yucky shave. I'm a fan of the blog!

    1. thanks Meadow Brianna! Come back and visit again :)

  2. A friend told me about this Pin, and I had my doubts about it saving my razor, which I still do. But, I tried it anyway. I forgot to put the oil on my razor, and since I didn't want the baby oil to run all over me, I had some baby oil GEL on hand that I used instead and put it on like shaving cream. Although it tended to gum up a little on my razor-which anything other than canned shaving cream will do-I thought it did a pretty darn good job at shaving close, and leaving my skin soft. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I tweaked the pin a little bit, and it worked great!

  3. I guess it all depends what you use to wash and shave with. I think this pin is catered more towards the green product users. A lot of diy shaving recipes include oils and a specific shaving routine in order for it to be worth wile. In this case it's the dead skin that dulls the razor and clean baby oil is light enough to get the gunk out, and still keeps the blades lubricated.

  4. Pretty sure that you're supposed to soak the head of the razor in baby oil in between uses to make it last longer. Air (plus water) causes rust, and keeping the head submerged in oil prevents air from getting to the blades. This prevents microscopic rust from forming, which makes the blades last longer.

  5. Well, sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn't. It all depends upon the razor and oil quality. How they functions together and what will be their possible outcome? These things you need to research before making your mind and going forward. Anyways, it was a good experience. It will be good in the future for sure.Don't try the razor if it's extremely old, maybe that could create problem even if everything is all right. And a good brand of baby oil could be beneficial. Thanks for this nice blog.
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