Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pin 19–baby powder to stop creaking wood floors

IMG_8267Anyone with wood floors knows how annoying a creaky spot can be, but if you have a baby and creaky woods floors it becomes outright infuriating.  The loudest parts are always right outside the baby’s room for sure, and the stairs are always the worst, at least at my house anyways.  THIS PIN, which I’ve seen several variations of, says that getting a little baby powder in the grooves stops the noise.  My supportive but super cynical husband was beyond skeptical of this one right of the bat.

So…  I sprinkled baby powder right over the largest grooves (I have old floors so there are some rather large grooves here and there) and used a broom to push it into the groove and then smeared it all over the surrounding area.


I did this on the floor space near the bedrooms and I tried it on all the stairs as well.  For the stairs, since there is not a groove down the center I tried to get it in good in the back and side grooves.  Once the powder was all smeared around I walked around on it thinking that maybe it might help push some of the powder where it needed to go.  Then it sat for a bit while I gave my son lunch.  I cleaned it up using wet paper towels.


After all was said and done I took a stroll around my stairs and floor.  Not the slightest bit of change.  Still obnoxious, still squeaky and still loud right outside my son’s room.  Crap.

Even a week later, nada.

Bottom line – don’t bother

You’re just going to make a mess to clean up afterwards without any apparent benefit.  The husband said that even if there was a chance of this working our floors are well passed this point.  So maybe if your floors are newer than ours (not hard to do) it might work.  Maybe.  But I’m not betting on it.  The only positive thing I can say is that it smelled good, at least it does to me.  Clean baby smell.  But don’t do all this just for the smell!  You can just take a wiff right from the bottle :)

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