Friday, August 3, 2012

Pin #8–Cleaning hard water spots with a lemon

pinThis pin has a pretty picture.  It’s pretty because it’s simple and shiny with a lemon, and lemons look pretty.  Oh, and it’s probably a hand model.  The promise is that using a cut lemon will erase any water spots on your fixtures.  Superawesome right?
I know I just finished saying that food pins are much more fun to bust but I’m always hoping for a magic potion to not only clean my bathroom but to keep it from getting dirty ever again.  It’s a tall order but it’s my dream.  Or at least one of them.  Another is that wetting my hair would allow me to stretch it or squish it so I could have short or long hair whenever I wanted.  Yeah that’s right, I’ve thought about it and am waiting for this hair magic to come to market.   I’m guessing it might be a while.
So you’ve seen it before, but here is a pic of my shower fixture, already cleaned.  You can see the little spots that just won’t go away.
So I literally sliced a lemon and used it to “scrub” the fixture.IMG_7730
To be fair and make sure I wasn’t sabotaging the method, I cleaned the fixture again.  This is the end result.
Yupper that’s right, no difference at all.  I also tried this on the spout and plug toggle thingy but they had no improvements either but the pictures don’t really show anything different either.  So I spared you.
Bottom Line – Stupid waste of time and lemons.
Seriously, not a bit of change.  Maybe my spots aren’t bad enough but I don’t really want to let them get any worse!  If you’ve ever redone a bathroom (like we did a year ago) or at least bought new fixtures, you know how hard it is to keep the new chrome from looking horrendous.  This does not help.  Do not buy lemons for this.  They are much prettier in a bowl for a centerpiece or better utilized to refresh your sink disposal, which is exactly the fate my lemons met.
It won’t be a bathroom picture again next time, promise (:


  1. do you use a dry cloth to dry your chrome after you have cleaned it? that is the key to shiny chrome, mirrors, windows, stainless steel products, etc. just wipe the dry cloth over the area vigorously, until you see it shine. a toothbrush is also a wonderful tool to clean the area around the faucets, and anything else that has tiny grooves or small areas hard to clean.

    1. I did start drying the chrome for a while after my mom suggested it but once I started using the Dawn/vinegar combo in Pin #15 I didn't even have to worry about it anymore! Thanks for the tips!