Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pin # 12 Faking fake lashes

There seems to be something innate in women to adore and desire long, full eye lashes.  I’m sure there are some women that will tell you it’s all somehow men’s fault, that they set some standard of beauty for us a long time ago before we had more rights than a goat…. or something like that.  I don’t know why it’s wanted but it’s wanted, badly.  Badly enough that I’ve seem women look legit angry jealous when they see a little baby, almost always a boy, who has unbelievably impressive long full lashes.  Badly enough that some ladies glue strings of fake lashes to their eye lids.  When it works it looks great, when it doesn’t you’re left wondering why this woman doesn’t notice the spider attached to her eyeball.  This pretty lady in in the pin says you can fake the fake-out.  Love it.
Here I am with bare lashes and eyes.  I’m no dummy, I’ve got on otherbefore1 makeup (you think I am putting pictures of myself out in cyberspace without a lil’ help from Cover Girl? I don’t think so!).  So my lashes are naked but I already curled them, just like she says in the video, by pumping 5 times.  C* (that’s what she goes by) seems to be already wearing mascara when she starts the tutorial which would be a little like cheating so I am starting bare.
After curling, I applied 5-6 coats of the Maybelline LashBlast Fusion to my right lashes.  It’s brown and it happens to be my go to mascara and according to C* you can use any 2 mascaras you want, as long as the mascara1asecond is waterproof.  The multiple coats of mascara go against everything I know about applying mascara.  I've always unerstood to keep it to 1, maybe 2, coats to avoid spider leg lashes.  Why you ask?  I have no idea.  I’m guessing an assortment of magazines and tv shows.  And I've always functioned with the look like you're not wearing any make-up approach.  And that is probably why I am enthralled by these women that wear crazy bright purple eye shadow and look great.
Definitely a noticeable difference.   Next, about 5 coats of the black waterproof mascara, Big Fatty Waterproof Mascara by Urban Decay.  And since my better half was taking these pictures for me we somehow missed the after two mascaras but before lash separator picture.  Oops.  But after separation and a little pushing up/back to keep the curl, this is the result.
Bottom line – Do it!
I have never worn fake lashes.  I suspect they might look a bit fuller and longer than the final result here but with the extra hassle of applying them .  Extra hassle will almost always lose with me so I think this is a winner.  I can’t say I’ll be doing this everyday, it doesn’t really suit my stay at home mom of a 1 year old thing right now.  But if I’m heading out for the night I’d certainly do it.  And I’m sure it would look even better with eye liner and shadow helping out.  And maybe a pretty cocktail.  That can’t hurt either (:
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  1. Well I'm certainly more likely to try this than fake eyelashes! Thanks for testing it out.