Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pin #13 Homemade make up remover

pinThis seemed like the natural follow-up to the fake lash post:  make-up remover.  I generally skip a remover and go straight to my nightly face washing but this intrigued me, especially for those nights you might need a little extra muscle for say, 10-12 layers of mascara.
So I mixed the ingredients as directed in the pin, except I halved it.  I did not have coconut oil on hand so I used olive oil.  First impression, smells nice and clean.  Second IMG_7796impression, use a larger container than needed because when you shake it there is A LOT of suds.  Also use a better container.  I happened to have a baby food jar like in the pin but I would recommend some sort of small mouth or squirt type bottle.  Once you dip a cotton ball in there it soaks up too much and it’s harder to apply without making a mess.
mascara2aSo once again here is a nice mug of the before – about a dozen layers of mascara on the right eye and your average face make-up combo.  Why only the right eye you might be thinking…  well it just didn’t occur to me to apply the mascara to my left eye before removing everything.  Whatever.
Here is the aftermath.  No mascara or other make-up on my right side.  after
My cotton balls were over saturated and squirted into my eye a few times and that stung a little but otherwise I love it.  The make-up and mascara came off easy and left my skin feeling clean but not dried out.
IMG_7807Bottom line – Do it!
Definitely cheaper than retail products and it’s easy on the skin.  It was fast and easy to make and use.  Other than a few changes in container, I’d do this again without question.  Maybe next time I’m wearing a dozen coats of mascara.  And maybe next time I’ll manage to have it on both eyes!



  1. Sorry, I'm new. What is the "recipe" for the make-up remover?


    1. Hi Barbara! Welcome - happy to have you visit :) The "recipe" is 1 cup water, 1.5 T baby shampoo, 1/8 tsp coconut or olive oil. Enjoy!