Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pin #7–2 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins

pinThis pin says you can have fab pumpkin muffins with just a can of pumpkin and a box of cake mix.  It also references something about “points” which I’m certain references a dieting plan that I have never used but probably should try.
IMG_7702Ok so I love pumpkin baked goods…. cake, cupcakes, muffins, pie….  LOVE.  Generally speaking I enjoy baking too, but there are those days that I just don’t really want to put in the effort.  Or maybe I am out of eggs or oil but dread the thought of hitting the store.  Either way I still wish I had the finished product of yummy baked goodness on my counter.  So this pin caught my eye.  Only 2 ingredients for yummy baked goodness???  I’m in.  All I need is cake mix, check, and a can of pumpkin, check.  Excellent.
I had different brands than the picture in the pin but I can’t imagine it matters too much.  IMG_7704
Step 1 – dump cake mix in bowl.
Step 2 – dump can of pumpkin in bowl.
Step 3 – mix together.
Step 4 – plop into muffin pan.
Seriously, that’s it.  So it’s a pretty color all mixed but definitely much thicker than a regular cake batter.  Stick it in the oven at 350 degrees and IMG_7710bake about 25 minutes.  Turns out that the plops of batter don’t change much, I mean, they don’t level and round out like most baked yumminess so what they look like post plop is pretty much what they look like post bake.  Not that I care very much.  Round or not I’m eating it..
So post bake the color is the same, not quite as pumkiny looking as I would’ve expected and mildly less appetizing but seriously like that is going to stop me.  Turns out the inside is nice and pumpkiny looking, much more appetizing that the outside.
I am not a huge fan of diet anything – especially baked goods.  I think there is something to be said for using real butter and sugar.  The changes in taste and texture when using margarine or fake sugar just totally ruin it for me.  I just won’t sacrifice yumminess.  I’d rather just limit myself to 1 serving if need be.  By the way, I said that I’d rather limit than make diet food not that I actually do limit.  Hence the collection of magic work out pins soon to be busted on the Pinterest board.  Once again I’ve digressed…  What I was trying to tell you is that even though I don’t make/like diet stuff I thought these muffins were great!  Not the best pumpkin muffins ever but definitely worth making and feeling a little less horrible about yourself since apparently they are in some way “diet”.
Bottom Line – DO IT!
Next time I would definitely add a few pumpkin pie type spices because they were a tad bland but still for such a quick and convenient recipe they were awesome.  They were super moist and soft and with just a sprinkle of powdered sugar they were yummy.  A cream cheese frosting would magically transform it into a lovely cupcake too.
So yeah, the girl that hates diet food was just sold on diet muffins.  Who knew?
I think the food pinbusting is the way to go….  much more enjoyable than cleaning the bathroom….
Keep pinning!


  1. These look yummy! Also much more inexpensive than buying pumpkin muffin mix. (Oh and testing these look like a lot more fun than cleaning the bathroom!)

    1. much more fun! if the empty plate wasn't a tip off!

  2. i've done this before, too! great texture, though they definitely won't taste pumpkin-y unless you add spices, as you said. and of course, nothing is better than your real homemade pumpkin cake :-)

    1. that pumpkin cake IS hard to beat.... :)

  3. I've done this tons of times...use a spice cake mix next time and you won't need to add any other spices...

  4. I tried it once with a simple cream cheese frosting - must do! I also add a little bit of pumpkin pie spice and use a spice cake mix - also must do!

    1. oh - and I also bake them a little longer than is recommended on the box - improves the texture

  5. A friend made these--with 3 ingredients. She added a bag of cinnamon chips. (They are like chocolate chips.) They were super yummy!