Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pin #2– Preventing water spots with wax paper

waxpaperSo I’ve seen this pin many many times… It promises to prevent water spots on your bath fixtures by buffing them with wax paper after they are clean. 

So here we go…
 Here are my chrome fixtures before cleaning pictures, I am embarrassed to say, but for the sake of full disclosure you need the baseline idea of how bad the watermarks get around here…

faucet beforemirror beforeshower dial beforeshower faucet beforesink 4sink before3
wax paperI cleaned my bathroom per usual water and vinegar combo and dried completely.  I took a piece of wax paper and buffed each piece:  sink faucet and handles and shower dial, spout, toggle thingy, and even the shower mirror.  I tried not to overuse any particular piece of wax paper, using 1 section per fixture.  And that’s it. 

waxy residueImmediately, I noticed the wax paper left a hazy sort of smudgy nonsense.  The average person going into your bathroom probably would not notice I think but since I was examining it it was quite obvious. 

And so what was left was to admire the cleanliness that a few hours and use the bathroom as usual until next cleaning… 

clean mirrorsink faucet cleantub faucet cleanshower dial cleansink clean

A week later (ok let’s just pretend together that I manage to clean the bathrooms every Thursday like I plan!) here is the result…


So basically I see no difference what-so-ever.  And while wax paper is cheap and always stashed in my pantry this was a waste of money (albeit counted in cents) and more importantly my time this go round.

Bottom Line – Don’t Bother!
Maybe one day I will find a magic potion for this problem but for now I guess I just have to keep cleaning it every Thursday… or so.

Happy Pinning!



  1. This is such an awesome idea for a blog. I am your first follower!! Yey! So, when you become big and famous, don't forget your first follower:)

    So, I totally wanted to try this pin, so thank you for the tips and especially to not waste my time.

    1. Thanks so much luliana! I will totally remember you when I get "big and famous!" :) and stay tuned for more time and money saving pin busting!

  2. You can use rain-x or pledge. Rain-x is the best! Use it on your bathroom mirror it cuts down on the fog, that makes people wipe it down which leave ugly marks after it is dried! Thanks for trying these things. I have often wondered if peeps really did.

    1. Thanks Marsha! I'll add rain-x to the list of things to try in order to never clean the bathroom again.... or at least less time less often :) Visit again soon!

  3. I pinned this one. Good to know it doesn't really make a difference. Will not be wasting my wax paper on this one!

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