Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pin #4 Getting wavy hair with a flat iron

pinThis pin says you can get beautiful wavy hair by using a flat iron over braids.  The end.                                                                              So I’ve almost always had long hair.  At it’s longest to my waist with a few brief impulsive cuts to the chin….  But whenever it’s short I wish it were long, so I’ve just let it be for a while.  The annoying thing about long hair is that if you want it to look different it takes a lot of time.  To do anything just takes a lot of time.  There are some of you out there that are hair stylists or might as well be that are saying “That’s not true!  With the right tools you can look fab in no time!”.  I believe you but honestly I just don’t have the patience for it, unless I’m going to prom.  And let’s be honest,IMG_7636 I haven’t seen the prom in quite some time!

Now that I’ve totally derailed here let’s get back to business.  Here is a gorgeous shot of the back of my head and my mop of hair, clean and blown dry but not styled (typical… actually I don’t even bother drying it most of the time).
And here is a ridiculous photo of my head  once I’ve completed sectioning and braiding x6.  Perty huh?
So I took my flat iron and ironed the braids.  To try to be consistent I waited 10 seconds each time before moving the iron down the braid.  Easy peasy so far.  So here is that mop of mine after braids were totally cool and undid but not combed or anything. 
Yeah, that’s what I said, “whaaaat???”.  It’s like some areas just didn’t get wavy at all.  I really did try to be consistent with the heat so it must have been something else…  Needless to say I turned that flat iron right back on and straightened my hair back to normal.
Bottom Line – Eh.  Don’t bother.
It just wasn’t worth it.  I’ve definitely gotten better results by braiding my hair wet and letting it dry overnight.  I think that if I had done more braids it might have been more even but that would’ve taken more time and effort.  The whole process took about 20 minutes, especially to make sure it was cold before taking it out.  I don’t know about you but 20 minutes for ‘eh’ is no good.
I’m sure you all look fabulous without waves anyways :)
‘til next time!


  1. LOVE this post. I agree, 20 minutes is a LOT of time for "eh". I can get eh in 5 =) Thanks for busting this pin - I was wondering if it would work. I also have had no luck with the "sleep with your hair in a sock bun for easy waves" pin. Sigh. Sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah! I was wondering about the sock one!! Glad you came by :)