Friday, June 13, 2014

Why hellllllooooooooooooooooooooo

Hi everyone!  I know, I know....  I'm guessing you're thinking something along the lines of "Geez, you think you can just disappear for a year then shop up expecting to be loved?" and I get it.  The truth is adding a fourth member to the family turned me upside down for a while and then that lazy streak I have told you about just got the better of me.  So, I am finally getting around to getting this party started.... errrgh....  re-started :)  But I would love your help.  I need some inspiration!  Please comment here, leave a link, email, or pin to my suggestion board (if you email me I can add you!) to give me some ideas for pins you want busted!!  Along with a few appearance changes to come, I would love to get you all more involved with what I am testing so I can make you all happy and love me and make up for my unexcused absence.  ;)  Keep pinning!


  1. Welcome back!! Congrats. I'm glad you're well and you're returning to test some of those super popular pins out there. You were missed!

  2. Looking forward to some cleaning pin those homemade solutions really work?